Wordless Wednesday- Oh Deer !


Columbia Black-Tailed Deer, Roesland, Pender Island, British Columbia


Hiking in Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia

In the summer me and my family had the opportunity to check out Mount Revelstoke National Park near Revelstoke, British Columbia. Mount Revelstoke National Park is part of the world’s only temperate rain forest which includes a variety of animal and plant life which is typical with stands of centuries old growth of Western Redcedar and Western Hemlock which is a forest type that is rapidly declining outside of the park. We hiked the Firetower Trail which leads up to a historic fire tower that was built in 1927 which was used to spot forest fires from the upper story of the building, though no longer in operation since 1988 it is now on the list of Federal Heritage Buildings. There is a viewing platform that provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the Columbia River. I would strongly recommend this National Park for families that have children that need to stretch their legs after being in the car on a car trip for an extended period of time.

Remembrance Day 2015

Today we remember all of those who have served their country and those that continue to serve overseas for our country protecting Canadian beliefs and values abroad. We remember our servicemen and servicewoman for making the supreme sacrifice while upholding Canadian beliefs and values far from home and protecting our nation. Thank you and may us as a nation never forget these brave men and women’s sacrifice and so we can fully appreciate our servicemen and servicewomen past and present for their dedication to Canada while upholding Canadian beliefs and values far from home and protecting our, may God rest their souls. May we also offer our condolences to those families that have lost family members in the line of duty and will deal with the grief of losing such an important part of their life.

lest we forget