Government House, Edmonton Alberta

Government House on the grounds of the Royal Alberta Museum. Photography by Freshscribe.

Government House on the grounds of the Royal Alberta Museum. Photography by Freshscribe.This past weekend  my family and I had the chance to go to Edmonton  and visit the Royal Alberta Museum and its grounds. On the grounds I was awestruck by this huge sandstone building. It turns out the huge sandstone building was Government House.  Government House is located centrally in the Royal Alberta Museum grounds.Government House was built in 1912 (over 101 years ago !).   The features that I like about Government House are the high gabled roofs and the bay windows make Government House a house like no other house I’ve  ever seen before and it’s a gem at that to see.

Government House

Government House is used for government conferences, receptions and dinners.


The Ghost of Francis Wright Galbraith

galbraith ghost

The statue of Francis Galbraith is part of the “ghost” series of public art in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. This series depicts interesting figures from Red Deer’s past.

Who: Francis Galbraith

What: He was Red Deer’s 1st Mayor, in 1913, the year Red Deer became a city.

Where: City Hall Park, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Why:  People have reportedly seen his ghost in City Hall Park.

Other information: There’s a Galbraith House and a Galbraith Park also located in Red Deer.

Address of City Hall Park: 4914 – 48 Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Mt. Baker from Gowlland Point


This picture of Mount Baker was from Gowlland Point on January 3rd, 2013 a extremely clear day on Pender Island as Pender only had 0.4 mm of precepitation !. The view of Mt. Baker from Gowlland Point on a clear day is a spectacular one if you get the chance to see it. Gowlland Point is a wonderful beach to play on and look at the scenery such as Mt. Baker and the Cascade Range in Washington State in the US. There is a connector trail that goes from Gowlland Point to Brooks Point which is where you can also get views of Mt.Baker and you may see some cargo or container ships.

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