Class A by: Robert Muchamore : Book Review

Credit to for the image of the Class A cover.

Credit to for the image of the Class A cover.

Title: Class A

Author: Robert Muchamore

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-340-88154-5/ ISBN 0-340-88154-2 (1st edition paperback)

Published: 2004/2011

Publisher: Hodder / Simon Pulse

Media type: Paperback

Pages :320

Suitable for the age range:  13+

Suitable for boys/ girls: I think this book would suitable for boys because of the language that is in this book but I would also recommend that girls try this series out because they might find a new book series that they will enjoy.

Genre: Spy novel/ Thriller

General Plot:

The plot of Class A is that 4 agents of CHERUB are sent to infiltrate Keith Moore’s Gang (also commonly known as KMG) led by the  criminal Keith Moore. The 4 agents that CHERUB send are James Adams, Kerry Chang, Kyle Blueman, and Nicole Eddison. The agents attempt to befriend Moore’s four children in an attempt to gather evidence against KMG. James has the most success befriending Keith’s youngest son Junior and begins delivering cocaine to KMG’s customers. Nicole begins dating  Junior and they both snort a large amount of cocaine which results in Nicole nearly dying and her expulsion from CHERUB. Kerry discovers KMG’s cocaine processing plant which is on the Thunderfoods factory grounds so the remaining agents on the mission tell MI5 about what they have found, resulting in MI5 setting up surveillance on the cocaine processing plant and the capture of many KMG’s senior members but not Keith Moore himself. Keith invites James to come with him and Junior to  Miami intending to settle all of his accounts and to have some final time with Junior before escaping from Britain to avoid imprisonment. KMG is disbanded so the agents return to campus.

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