Hiking in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

In the summer, me and my family had the opportunity to go hiking in Yoho National Park which surrounds the town of Field in British Columbia. Me and my family first went to the Natural Bridge where the force of the Kicking Horse River has carved out an astounding rock formation. Then we went to Emerald Lake, where we hiked the Lakeside trail which offered us unparalleled views of the lake, the Burgess Shale fossil beds, the Micheal glacier and many different types of wildflower. We finished off the day by hiking right up to the base of Takakkaw Falls where me and my family got soaked by the mist and spray coming off of the falls!


All in all I believe if you get the chance to explore Yoho National Park, you should take it as there are so many opportunities for hiking which safe to say will keep you coming back for years to come. Yoho is a great national park for families with children as the hiking in the park will allow to get tired out and also stretch their legs as I’m speaking from experience being in a car for a long time can really make kids fidgety, gripy, and moany so by doing a hike or two in Yoho you can stave off any impending meltdowns and thus keep the children happy. I will be going back to Yoho to do more hiking in the future so stay tuned to the blog for more blog posts about this amazing national park in Canada.