Hiking Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

On Sunday evening my family and I had the opportunity to stop off for a quick hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls which are located 17 kilometers east of Field in British Columbia after looking at some land near Golden.


The mighty Yoho River that cascades through the area near Takakkaw Fallls near Field,BC. Photography by Freshscribe.

The hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls is not strenuous by any stretch of the imagination as it is a 0.5 km round trip with 0 elevation gain which only takes 30 minutes to complete. The hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls is stunning as first you have to cross over a bridge that crosses the Yoho River.


The bridge that crosses the mighty Yoho River near Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Photography by Freshscribe.


Following a short but sweet hike through the woods, you will come to a viewpoint looking at Cathedral Mountain  and other significant peaks that rise to the southwest of the viewpoint. But the trail continues on past this amazingly beautiful viewpoint.

The trail continues right up to the base of the falls which are amazing look at from a distance but that’s nothing compared to being at the base of the falls and taking in the sounds of the wind and water. There is a reason that Takkakaw in the  Cree language means ‘It is beautiful’ as the falls are absolutely stunning and its amazing to hear the sound of the water as it rushes over the falls. You might want to bring a hoodie or a rain-jacket as you might get soaked to the skin due to the mist and water coming off of the falls!

I enjoyed some quality time with my family while enjoying this hike to one of Canada’s natural wonders and I will make sure to never take our national parks for granted.


Enjoying quality family time at the base of Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park near Field, BC. Photography by Mark Hunter.

All in all I believe if you get the chance to explore Yoho National Park, you should take it as there are so many opportunities for hiking which safe to say will keep you coming back for years to come. Yoho is a great national park for families with children as the hiking in the park will allow to get tired out and also stretch their legs as I’m speaking from experience being in a car for a long time can really make kids fidgety, gripy, and moany so by doing a hike or two in Yoho you can stave off any impending meltdowns and thus keep the children happy. I will be going back to Yoho to do more hiking in the future so stay tuned to the blog for more blog posts about this amazing national park in Canada. Stay tuned for when I decide to tackle Point Lace and Angel’s Staircase Falls in Yoho sometime in the near future.


A Day’s Outing to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

In the summer my family and I had the opportunity to go hiking in the Dry Island Buffalo Jump area in the eastern part of Alberta near Elnora. This area is really interesting because of the shift from the flat prairie to a near-desert landscape.


As we walked around, I marveled at how long it must have taken weather, time and erosion to have created the landscape that we were now wandering within. I thought to myself, ‘How long did it take to create this landscape? Thousands of years or more?’. This area is a backpackers paradise as one can keep walking and never get bored as this area offers plenty of photography opportunities.

Overall, I would recommend this Provincial Park in Alberta to anyone who is feeling a tad adventurous and likes hiking as much as me and my family do. This area has a lot of hiking to offer and rest assured I will be going back to this area in the near future for more adventures!


A Day out on the farm

On our latest trip out to Pender we decided to stop at DeMille’s to have a look at the farm animals. I have to say DeMille’s have done a great job with bringing a farm experience to a city in interior B.C. , Demilles have your usual farm fare like cows, goats and the like but Demiles includes some more unusual animals: emus and peacocks are just some of the examples of unusual animals that you wouldn’t expect to be on North American farm. My experiences  at DeMille’s have been pretty awesome as there is also a market which sells fresh produce, a corn maze to get lost in when its the fall and a ice cream stand that looks excellent but I have tried ice cream not yet anyway.

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The animals are great to see especially the cows which look like they are fun loving frolicking little critters especially the calves like  “oh my goodness!” they are so cute and when go to nuzzle their mother its like “that’s so cute”.  Then there is the hen coop with the hens and roosters being in the same area as the peacock which is a very vocal bird. I like to think the roosters and the peacock try to outdo each other in the loudness of their cries.  Then right next door to the fowl are those muddy pigs, I mean no wonder my mom calls my shared room with my brother a ‘pigsty’ when it gets messy. Pigs are messy but I guess so I better not base my room on their example. Then you have the goats who like butting heads and frolicking with each other and they bunk out with their amigos the emus. Boy can the emus also be vocal probably more vocal than the roosters and the peacock combined when considering how vocal each three of these fowl can be. All in all your experience at DeMille’s will be a great one and watch out for the goats!

There are two songs by Corb Lund a Alberta native from Taber and is maybe a,  great country music artist if you are looking for something a little extraordinary that are about cows or mention cows: ” Cows Around” and “Talking Veterinarian Blues”

My Trip to Mayne Island

On my family’s latest trip to Pender Island we decided to do a day on one of the other Southern Gulf Islands. We went to Mayne on a clear and sunny day which made it a wonderful experience in itself and also being on a different island compared to Pender.  Our 2nd stop on Mayne ( our 1st stop being Miner’s Bay to grab a bite to eat) was Georgina Point Lighthouse is situated perfectly to see ferries make their way from Tssawassen on the Mainland  to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. Here are some examples of some of the ferries that you might see if you happen to go to Georgina Point Lighthouse:

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Also if you go down on the beach at Georgina Point Lighthouse you might happen to find a ton of beach glass. You will not believe the colors I found when I was down at that beach: reds, oranges, light greens you can get the picture it really is a beachcomber’s paradise !

Our next stop on our tour of Mayne Island is the Mayne Island Japanese Gardens built to remember those Japanese people who owned land on Mayne Island prior to their interment in interior B.C. because of World War 2 (Also the gardens were built by Japanese POWs).  When I entered the gardens, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility. The gardens themselves are amazing because they panted a ton of  Japanese plants and trees with a pond surrounding a piece of land with more Japanese foliage and temples.