Why I haven’t been posting to the Freshscribe and the future of the blog…

I have not posted to the Freshscribe in some time as basically, I have been focusing on my YouTube channel which has grown substantially in the 2 years since I started on the platform with my channel having gained 706 wonderful “Wanderers” I have realized that I can promote my channel here as well! So I am going to be releasing the unedited versions of my videos here before I release them to the channel and hopefully I get feedback on the video before I release them onto YouTube and also I will be posting the edited videos here as well as I feel I can grow my reach with the blog!

As well I am going to continue posting where I have traveled to and showcase those places through the videos on here as well as I love sharing my experiences with you guys!


Photography by Freshscribe.


Hiking Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

On Sunday evening my family and I had the opportunity to stop off for a quick hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls which are located 17 kilometers east of Field in British Columbia after looking at some land near Golden.


The mighty Yoho River that cascades through the area near Takakkaw Fallls near Field,BC. Photography by Freshscribe.

The hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls is not strenuous by any stretch of the imagination as it is a 0.5 km round trip with 0 elevation gain which only takes 30 minutes to complete. The hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls is stunning as first you have to cross over a bridge that crosses the Yoho River.


The bridge that crosses the mighty Yoho River near Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Photography by Freshscribe.


Following a short but sweet hike through the woods, you will come to a viewpoint looking at Cathedral Mountain  and other significant peaks that rise to the southwest of the viewpoint. But the trail continues on past this amazingly beautiful viewpoint.

The trail continues right up to the base of the falls which are amazing look at from a distance but that’s nothing compared to being at the base of the falls and taking in the sounds of the wind and water. There is a reason that Takkakaw in the  Cree language means ‘It is beautiful’ as the falls are absolutely stunning and its amazing to hear the sound of the water as it rushes over the falls. You might want to bring a hoodie or a rain-jacket as you might get soaked to the skin due to the mist and water coming off of the falls!

I enjoyed some quality time with my family while enjoying this hike to one of Canada’s natural wonders and I will make sure to never take our national parks for granted.


Enjoying quality family time at the base of Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park near Field, BC. Photography by Mark Hunter.

All in all I believe if you get the chance to explore Yoho National Park, you should take it as there are so many opportunities for hiking which safe to say will keep you coming back for years to come. Yoho is a great national park for families with children as the hiking in the park will allow to get tired out and also stretch their legs as I’m speaking from experience being in a car for a long time can really make kids fidgety, gripy, and moany so by doing a hike or two in Yoho you can stave off any impending meltdowns and thus keep the children happy. I will be going back to Yoho to do more hiking in the future so stay tuned to the blog for more blog posts about this amazing national park in Canada. Stay tuned for when I decide to tackle Point Lace and Angel’s Staircase Falls in Yoho sometime in the near future.

“Oceans”- an Anecdote


Calm and collected on some days.

Stormy and restless on other days.

Dolphins and other creatures call this place home no matter the weather.

A source of inspiration for artists and the like.

If not protected from harm, future generations shall never know the beauty of the sea.

Soccer- An Anecdote

soccer ball

Credit to sportsandhealth101.weebly.com for the image of the soccer ball


The smell of dirt and turf

The excitement that runs rampant through the stands

Pre-game rituals that never grow old

Early Sunday mornings watching Liverpool F.C. on TSN

The chants and atmosphere that the fans create can send chills down one’s spine

Family and sibling rivalry due to the teams that we support

Waiting for that one moment  where you can stand and cheer for a winning goal

Anxiously waiting for the snow and cold to be gone to work on the skills that have gone dormant over the winter

That’s what soccer means to me, what does it mean to you