Hiking the Skunk Cabbage Trail in Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia


Views from the Skunk Cabbage Trail and Boardwalk in Mount Revelstoke National Park near Revelstoke, British Columbia. Photography by Freshscribe. 


Towards the middle of July me and my family had the opportunity to stop off at the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk in Mount Revelstoke National Park in BC on the way back from one of our monthly excursions to Pender Island also in BC.  What makes Mount Revelstoke National Park so special is that it is one of the world’s few inland temperate rain forests.

The Skunk Cabbage boardwalk is a 1.2 km self-guided hike which traverses swamp which can be inhabited by beavers, muskrats, skunk cabbage [the plant that the trail and boardwalk are named after] and a host of birds which can be handily identified by the signs on the side of the trail. This hike is great for families with  young children who need a stretch of the legs before the trip hits the Rogers. Mount Revelstoke is a great national park for families with children as the hiking in the park will allow to get tired out and also stretch their legs as I’m speaking from experience being in a car for a long time can really make kids fidgety, gripy, and moany so by doing a hike or two in Mount Revelstoke you can stave off any impending meltdowns and thus keep the children happy. I will be going back to Mount Revelstoke to do more hiking and exploring in the future so stay tuned to the blog for more blog posts about this amazing national park in Canada.


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