“Ghost Towns”- an Anecdote


A town in which no-one roams anymore

A place that spirits are free to roam without fear of persecution

A snapshot of history that will eventually fade and die

A place of industry that ceases to exist.

Derelict buildings holding onto life by a thread.

Wheezes of the past which will eventually fade into nothingness

Young souls seek the adventures waiting to be found the amongst the ruins of the town

But eventually nature will run its course and no one will care about those ruins anymore

Only when those ruins are gone will people realize the loss of a true treasure

Say what you may about ghost towns, may they be ‘derelict’, ‘abandoned’ or ‘failure’, those abandoned towns show that humans are still only human and are still subject to the laws of nature.


A Day’s Outing to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

In the summer my family and I had the opportunity to go hiking in the Dry Island Buffalo Jump area in the eastern part of Alberta near Elnora. This area is really interesting because of the shift from the flat prairie to a near-desert landscape.


As we walked around, I marveled at how long it must have taken weather, time and erosion to have created the landscape that we were now wandering within. I thought to myself, ‘How long did it take to create this landscape? Thousands of years or more?’. This area is a backpackers paradise as one can keep walking and never get bored as this area offers plenty of photography opportunities.

Overall, I would recommend this Provincial Park in Alberta to anyone who is feeling a tad adventurous and likes hiking as much as me and my family do. This area has a lot of hiking to offer and rest assured I will be going back to this area in the near future for more adventures!